Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jean Lafitte and his merry men of pirates

Jean Lafitte, the most famous pirate of New Orleans, had a group of his most trusted men, his lieutenants. Each of these men commanded his own ship and reported to Jean Lafitte, whom they called "bos". These bloodthirsty pirates included Dominique Youx and Renato Beluche, both of whom served in Napoleon's navy. Vincent Gambi was also a lieutenant, and was one of the most bloodthirsty pirates to sail in the Gulf of Mexico. He was known to have carried an axe and was also known to have used it on many bloody occasions. Another was Louis Chighizola known as Nez Coupe, or cut nose. It was said he lost half of his nose in a knife fight.

These pirates are found in my book to give the reader a taste of what these pirates were like. They are found on the high seas and at the pirate colony at Barataria Bay. The colony that Jean Lafitte set up to house the pirates and their familys just off the coast of Louisiana near the mouth of the mighty Mississippi.

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