Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop from the book, Lafitte's Black Box

In my book, Lafitte's Black Box, you'll get to know this famous New Orleans landmark a little better. Once a pirate gets his treasure, if it's not gold or pieces of eight, what does he do with it if he can't bury it. He's got to sell it, right? Much of what Jean Lafitte and his pirates captured from the Spanish ships were durable goods such as fine clothing, china, silverware, furniture, etc. Many of the things the fine citizens of New Orleans wanted and Jean Lafitte could give them a bargain.

Much of the negotiating and business was done by his brother Pierre at thier business front, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. Located in the French Quarter on the corner of Bourbon St. and St Philip St. Built sometimes before 1772, this building still stands and now entertains patrons of a different sort as this is now a popular bar.

Discover Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop in my book and if you are ever in New Orleans, stop by and tell them that you read about this place in my book!

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