Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Turning Angel

The Turning Angel is a monument placed not far from main road that runs by Natchez Cemetery. The monument is written about in my book and has been written about by Greg Iles and is the name of one of his books. The monument was placed there in 1908 by an employer in Natchez who put it there to look over the graves of his employees that had been killed in an explosion.

When I was younger, there had already been a phenomenon attached to the monument, that it turned. This was supposed to occur at night when a light was shined on it or as you passed in a car. It cannot be counted the numerous thousands of times scared teens have tried this out, on a dare or just trying to impress a young girl. You were especially brave if you, God forbid, got out and jumped the wall and went over to touch the Turning Angel.

The Turning Angel is one of many things or places you can explore in my book. After you read my book, book a trip to Natchez. It's a wonderful historic town that's fun for a weekend getaway.

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